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STEEL BITE PRO Review - The Shocking Truth Revealed - Is It A Scam, Fad, Or Does It Really Work?

Video Presentation - STEEL BITE PRO


STEEL BITE PRO is a wholly natural supplement that is formulated to enhance oral health by working alongside good oral care and healthy dental habits.


STEEL BITE PRO is an oral hygiene & dental supplement that utilizes plant-based nutrients and antioxidant-rich superfood extracts proven to fight oral bacteria - the main culprit in the most common dental health & oral hygiene problems.

Steel Bite Pro 3-Pack

STEEL BITE PRO, used in combination with good primary dental hygiene and oral care, delivers potent preventive and remedial regimes for the most common dental problems.

The official STEEL BITE PRO presentation reveals a 60-second dental regime that is to be used nightly before bedtime that can also start to rebuild teeth and gum health naturally as part of the supplements protocol made by Thomas Spear.


Rich in vitamins and minerals, STEEL BITE PRO only uses ingredients that have extensive research backing from the creator's background in dental & oral health studies.

These high-quality natural ingredients support the eradication of dental problems like tartar/plaque formation, cavities, inflammation, gum disease etc.

STEEL BITE PRO focuses on overall oral health by detoxifying mouth toxins and optimizing saliva pH levels and supplying the body with rich antioxidants - preventing oral health issues (like periodontitis and advanced gum disease) that initially start as bleeding gums and inflammation.


And Your Face Will Smile Back!

STEEL BITE PRO Ingredients

STEEL BITE PRO is made from 23 herbs blended in the right proportions to facilitate dental and oral health.


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substance with numerous benefits for dental health, including teeth whitening, gum pain, inflammation, and gum diseases.


Berberine is a barberry plant alkaloid. It's packed with therapeutic properties like calming the effect of periodontal inflammation in patients. It's also another potent antioxidant in the formula.


Dandelion regulates inflammation while also providing necessary minerals to the mouth. It also has the potential for treating infections on oral consumption.


Beetroot contains high inorganic nitrate levels that take the form of nitric oxide in the body. This doesn't let the acid-producing bacteria breed, thereby keeping plaque formation away.


Yarrow heals many health problems, eliminates toothache and reverses the damage caused by infections.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is primarily a cure for liver problems. These may include hepatitis, gallbladder disorder, and the like. It also regulates cholesterol levels.


Despite Alfalfa's anti-inflammatory properties and it is mainly added to decrease teeth' sensitivity towards the consumed food.


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Ginger prevents cavity and plaque formation by easing inflammation and strengthens gums. It has Gingerol and Raffinose, it gets rid of plaque and relieves oral diseases like gingivitis.


Feverfew is a pain reducer.

Jujube seeds

Jujube seeds are a potent source of Vitamin C, a vital immunity booster. It has antioxidant and sedative qualities that make it ideal for calming nerves.


Zinc is essential for optimizing oral and dental hygiene. It fights plaque and bacteria growth that can lead to gum diseases, cavities, and decay of teeth and gums if not controlled.

L-cysteine and Methionine

These ingredients flush toxins out of the mouth to make the environment favourable for good bacteria growth.

Chicory Root, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, and Yellow Dock

Packed with antioxidants; these substances cleanse the gut and make it healthier.

Grape Seed Extract

Proven benefits of grape seed extract include strengthening the tissue beneath a tooth's enamel (dentin).

Artichoke, Red Raspberry, and Chanca Piedra

Other vitamins and minerals in STEEL BITE PRO, which focus on germs and bacteria elimination that reduces oral infection.

Steel Bite Pro Image 1- Pack

How does STEEL BITE PRO Work?

  • Regular brushing helps in getting rid of tooth bacteria but doesn't remove bacteria present on the gums and mouth, making us prone to infections.

  • STEEL BITE PRO targets bad bacteria while supporting the growth of good bacteria that are essential in maintaining good oral health.

  • If plaque isn't dealt with in time, it can progress from the teeth to the gum. Once the gums are attacked, they are easily weakened leading to gum bleeding that if left untreated can eventually cause more severe problems.

  • STEEL BITE PRO maintains favourable conditions in the mouth to avoid infections and support the body's natural protection. This is required because implantations and other dental and oral surgeries are extremely expensive and painful.

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Consumers' Feedback On STEEL BITE PRO

No Bad Breath

  • Consumers report noticing a significant difference in bad breath after using the supplement - bad breath signifies the presence of oral bacteria that must be tackled.

Cavity Prevention

  • As food particles get stuck between the teeth when we consume food, cavities are the most expected consequence. STEEL BITE PRO prevents cavities by flushing toxins out of the mouth before they can inflict damage to the exterior of the tooth.

Mouth Detoxification

  • Brushing and flossing eliminate toxins but only those present on the teeth. For overall oral detoxification, popular antioxidants are added to the supplement.

No Plaque Build-up

  • Plaque spreads from teeth to gums, making them weak and susceptible to bleeding. STEEL BITE PRO's anti-plaque qualities increase the strength and hygiene of the tooth/gum interface.

  • No dental problems - STEEL BITE PRO both treats and prevents dental health problems potentially reducing dental treatments and saving a fortune.

What's the Pricing of STEEL BITE PRO?

STEEL BITE PRO is running discounts on various packages.

  1. One bottle- $69

  2. Three bottles- $59/bottle

  3. Six bottles- $49/bottle

Refund Policy

If you aren't happy with the purchased product and its effects, you can request money back within 60 days of purchase from the manufacturer.

Steel Bite Pro - 6 Pack image

How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Apart from using a supplement, it's essential to keep some basic oral hygiene tips in mind:

  • Brush at least twice a day. Ensure that you're brushing correctly and reaching every corner.

  • It's crucial to floss after meals to avoid letting food stay between your teeth.

  • Use an alcohol-based mouthwash that helps in killing germs and maintaining good breath.

  • Use a supplement like STEEL BITE PRO to prevent bacteria accumulation in the mouth and to support the body in promoting good dental health.

STEEL BITE PRO is one of the most remarkable tools in maintaining oral and dental hygiene. In addition to treating oral and dental problems, it can also help prevent them by eliminating predatory bacteria that thrive in the mouth.

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Pricing and Refund Policy!

STEEL BITE PRO is backed by a 60-day manufacturer money-back guarantee. In the event that you fail to get the desired results, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.


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