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KERAVITA PRO Review - Does It Really Work (And Is It Legit)? All You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 6

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Have you been experiencing and worried about effective solutions for a nail fungus problem or looking for effective home remedies that prevent foot fungus from the onset? Looking to nourish your hair, nails and skin naturally with a supplement that is 100% safe + non-GMO.

If your answer is "Yes", then you have reached the right place to learn more about fungus and how KERVITA Pro is an effective antifungal solutions to help your get back to fungus-free healthy skin and nails.

KERAVITA PRO is an advanced supplement that both eliminates and prevents malicious fungal attacks on areas of the body & feet that are more prone to fungal diseases, including hair, nails.

Keravita Pro - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Keravita Pro?

KERAVITA PRO is an advanced dietary supplement designed to support your body's natural defenses against fungal infections in areas prone to them, like the hair, nails, and feet. It contains a blend of natural ingredients chosen based on research for their potential to combat fungal activity.

Key Points:

  • Preventive: Aims to prevent fungal infections, not just treat them.

  • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with natural ingredients backed by research.

  • Targets: Hair, nails, and feet - areas commonly affected by fungal infections.

How Does Keravita Pro Work?

KERAVITA PRO works by eliminating the pathogens and fungus that cause damaged nails and hair. As an antifungal, it also attacks infection then nourishes your nails and hair with the essential nutrients needed to repair the damage. Lastly, it strengthens and supports the immune system to prevent future reoccurrence of damage & infections.

Where is Keravita Pro manufactured?

Every capsule is manufactured in the USA, in our FDA approved and GMP certified facility, under sterile, strict and precise standards.

How Long Does It Take To See Results

The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 30 days to start with but as with most supplements, for the best results, it is recommended to take for a minimum of 3 to 6 months and should be taken routinely. Results vary from person to person with KERAVITA PRO and you should start seeing results within a few weeks or even days.


Anti-Fungal For Healthy Skin & Nails

What Ingredients Are Used In Keravita Pro

According to the manufacturer, KERAVITA PRO contains the best natural ingredients as an effective antifungal and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Results from laboratory testing and actual testimonials from 000s of highly satisfied users show excellent results in combating fungal infections.

The naturally made capsules is a blend of 26 potent herbs that eliminate the cause of fungal infections from vulnerable areas of the body keeping the skin healthy and nourishing. In addition KERAVITA PRO is does not contain added chemical or synthetic compounds that can adversely affect one's health.

The ingredients used in Keravita Pro include:

  • Cat’s Claw

  • Essiac Tea Complex

  • Garlic Bulb Extract

  • Graviola Leaf

  • Mushroom Complex

  • Selenium

  • Turmeric

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Pomegranate Seed

Other ingredients used are Curcumin, Lycopene, Quercetin, Olive Leaf Extract, Pine Bark, Green tea, Panax Ginseng extract, and Red Raspberry Juice.

What's The Suggested Dose / Dosage Plan

The manufacturer recommended dose is a serving of two capsules a day taken after breakfast with water.

Who Should Take Keravita Pro?

KERAVITA PRO is suitable for anyone suffering from a fungal infection.

What Are The Benefits Of Keravita Pro

It supports the health of nails and hair and treats a wide range of fungal infections and provides long-lasting immunity to the body.

Is Keravita Pro Safe To Use?

The Keravita Pro capsules are non-GMO and safe. They do not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins, and they are not habit-forming.

Is Keravita Pro From 100% Natural Ingredients?

Yes. The naturally made capsules eliminate the cause of fungal infections from vulnerable areas of the body keeping the skin healthy and nourishing.

How Much Does Keravita Pro Cost?

There are 3 packages available costing between $49 and $69 per bottle

  • 1 Keravita Pro bottle at $69 each

  • 2 Keravita Pro bottles at $59 each

  • 4 Keravita Pro bottles at $49 each

Is Keravita Pro Anti Fungal Supplement Available Online Or Via Amazon

Keravita Pro can only be found online from the official website and is not available for purchase anywhere else.

Who Is The Creator Of Keravita Pro

Benjamin Jones made this supplement using 31 different herbs to cure people suffering from athlete’s foot.

How Long Will It Take To Receive Keravita Pro

Orders shipped to U.S. addresses take up to 7 business days to arrive, while most international orders require maximum 15 business days.

Shipping, Refund and Moneyback Guarantee

Pricing and Refund Policy!

KERAVITA PRO is backed by a 60-day manufacturer money-back guarantee. In the event that you fail to get the desired results, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.


Anti-Fungal For Healthy Skin & Nails


Unveiling Healthy Feet: A Comprehensive Guide to Keravita Pro

Introduction: Picture this: you're taking a stroll on a pristine beach, feeling the powdery sand beneath your feet. The sun is gentle, and the waves kiss the shore. But wait – is that a glimpse of your feet in the sand? Are they as carefree and flawless as the day you were born? Healthy feet are a fundamental part of our overall well-being, but they often don't receive the attention they deserve. Yet, foot health is crucial – not only for comfort but for the confidence to step out barefoot with pride. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to explore Keravita Pro, a promising solution for nurturing healthy, beautiful feet.

Chapter 1: The Importance of Healthy Feet Before we delve into the world of Keravita Pro, it's essential to understand why foot health matters. In this chapter, we explore the significance of maintaining healthy feet, from mobility and comfort to the impact on our self-esteem.

Chapter 2: Understanding Common Foot Problems Our feet are prone to various problems, from nail fungus to dry, cracked skin. In this chapter, we dive into the common issues that can affect your feet, shedding light on their causes and potential complications.

Chapter 3: Introducing Keravita Pro – A Solution for Beautiful Feet Keravita Pro is taking the world by storm with its promises of healthier, more attractive feet. In this chapter, we introduce this supplement and discuss how it addresses common foot problems. We delve into its natural ingredients and the science behind it.

Chapter 4: Nail Fungus – The Unwelcome Guest Nail fungus is a prevalent issue that affects many people's confidence. In this chapter, we focus on how Keravita Pro can combat nail fungus, providing insights into prevention and effective treatment.

Chapter 5: Dry, Cracked Heels – Restoring Softness Cracked heels can be both painful and unsightly. This chapter discusses how Keravita Pro's natural components can help soothe and restore dry, cracked skin, leaving your feet silky soft.

Chapter 6: Athlete's Foot – Overcoming the Itch Athlete's foot can be a persistent problem. Here, we explore how Keravita Pro can help you combat this bothersome issue. We'll discuss prevention strategies and other measures to keep your feet itch-free.

Chapter 7: Foot Care Tips for Healthy Feet In this chapter, we offer practical tips on daily foot care, from proper hygiene routines to shoe choices that support foot health. Healthy feet are a result of consistent care, and these tips will guide you toward long-lasting results.

Chapter 8: The Science Behind Keravita Pro Ever wondered how Keravita Pro works its magic? In this chapter, we delve into the scientific background of this supplement. We discuss the ingredients and their synergistic effects on common foot issues.

Chapter 9: The Journey to Healthy Feet – Success Stories Real stories from people who've experienced the transformative power of Keravita Pro. These success stories shed light on the supplement's effectiveness and inspire hope for those seeking healthier feet.

Chapter 10: Safety, Dosage, and Where to Buy Keravita Pro This chapter provides critical information on the safe use of Keravita Pro. We discuss the right dosage, potential side effects, and where you can purchase this supplement with confidence.

Healthy, beautiful feet are within reach, and Keravita Pro might just be the key to unlocking that confidence. This comprehensive guide has taken you on a journey through the world of foot health, and we hope you're now equipped with the knowledge to step forward with pride, knowing that your feet are not just functional – they're beautiful and healthy. So, are you ready to put your best foot forward? With Keravita Pro, you can.

Protecting Your Skin, Hair, and Nails: The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails are all too common, and they can be a nuisance to deal with. In the following guide, we will provide you with an extensive overview of how to prevent these infections, ensuring your health and well-being. While many of these precautions may seem like common sense, they are invaluable in your defense against fungal infections. Let's delve into these simple yet effective measures to safeguard your skin, hair, and nails.

1. Maintain Proper Hygiene Always: In our current world, where hygiene has taken the forefront due to the ongoing pandemic, it's easy to experience what we'll call "Hygiene Fatigue." However, it's essential to understand that maintaining proper hygiene is never overkill. In fact, prevention is far more cost-effective and less troublesome than dealing with an infection later on.

2. Frequent Hand Washing with Soap and Water: One of the most effective tools we have against infections is a straightforward one - handwashing. This is as true for fungal infections as it is for other illnesses. Keeping clean and sanitized conditions in place significantly disrupts the spread of fungi and, in most cases, inhibits fungal growth.

3. Keep Your Skin Clean and Dry: Fungi thrive in warm and moist environments and maintaining clean, dry skin is crucial in preventing their growth. Pay special attention to areas prone to dampness, such as the folds of your skin, the groin region, and the armpits.

4. Footwear in Public Spaces: When in public areas like swimming pools, gyms, showers, and changing rooms, it's wise to wear suitable footwear. Avoid walking barefoot in public places, especially in places like community pools, gyms, and locker rooms, where fungal infections are more likely to spread.

5. Regularly Change Your Clothing, Including Socks and Underwear: It's important to ensure that you are always wearing clean and dry socks. Footwear should also be regularly aired out to remove any moisture. Your underwear must be fresh and dry, and it should be changed regularly, especially after activities that cause perspiration.

6. Opt for Clean and Dry Socks & Footwear: Cotton socks are a great choice, as they help keep your feet dry. It's important to change your socks and shoes as needed to ensure your feet stay dry. If you come into contact with the clothing or linen of infected individuals, be sure to launder these items in hot water to eliminate any lingering fungi.

7. Comfortable Clothing Matters: It's recommended to wear clean clothes every day and ensure they fit comfortably. Avoid tight-fitting clothing or garments that promote dampness, as these conditions are conducive to fungal growth.

8. Nail Equipment Must Be Kept Clean: Grooming equipment, including nail tools, must be kept clean and sterile. Consider using a sterilizing spray if there's any chance that your equipment may have been used by someone else.

9. No Sharing of Personal Care Items: Avoid sharing personal items like hats, shoes, socks, brushes, and personal hygiene items such as towels and grooming kits. The same rule applies to children and other household members.

10. Hygienic Foot Care: Toenails should be kept short and clean, and feet should be thoroughly dried immediately after bathing.

11. Maintain a Clean Environment: Keep sinks, bathtubs, and bathroom floors clean and sanitary.

12. Avoid Thick Clothing in Warm and Humid Weather: Wearing thick clothing for extended periods in hot and humid conditions can lead to excessive sweating, creating an environment favorable for fungal infections.

13. Keep Your Groin Area Dry: After showering or exercising, ensure you thoroughly dry your genital area and inner thighs with a clean towel. Using powder around your groin area can prevent excess moisture.

14. Well-Ventilated Footwear is Key: Wear shoes that are well-ventilated and maintain proper hygiene. Avoid walking barefoot in public places, particularly in damp environments.

15. Completing Your Medication Course: If you're prescribed antifungal medication, it's crucial to complete the entire course. Not doing so can lead to resistant fungi that no longer respond to common antifungal treatments, turning easily treatable infections into serious ones.

16. Avoid Sharing Medication: Never let anyone else take your medication, even if their symptoms appear to be the same as yours. Medication should always be used as directed by a healthcare professional.

17. Pet Care and Hygiene: Regular veterinary care is vital if you have pets. After handling your pets, it's recommended to wash your hands.

18. Seek Professional Advice: If you have any doubts or concerns, don't hesitate to consult a dermatologist, especially if signs of fungal infections appear.

These simple yet essential steps are your first line of defense against fungal infections. By incorporating them into your daily routine, you can significantly reduce the risk of these infections, safeguarding your skin, hair, and nails, and ultimately ensuring a healthier, happier you.

If In doubt or if you have concerns then consult a dermatologist, especially if signs of fungal infections appear.


The Hidden World of Fungal Infections: Unveiling the Truth and Staying Safe

Fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails are more common than you might think, and they can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. These infections are often colloquially referred to as 'ringworm,' but don't let the name deceive you; they have nothing to do with worms. Instead, these are superficial infections caused by a variety of fungi that usually reside in the soil, on animals, or, in some cases, even on people themselves.

How Fungal Infections Spread:

Understanding how these infections spread is vital in preventing them. Fungal infections can be transmitted through direct skin contact, whether it's with other humans or animals. Yet, even indirect contact with contaminated objects can lead to infections.

Shared spaces like changing rooms and showers are hotspots for skin and hair infections, and sharing items such as towels can be a common source of trouble. People constantly shed tiny pieces of skin, and if these contain even a small amount of the fungus, it can survive in the environment and infect someone else.

Prevention Measures:

Preventing fungal infections involves some straightforward yet incredibly effective practices:

1. Change Underwear and Socks Daily: It might sound simple, but it's a crucial habit to change your underwear and socks every day. Fresh undergarments significantly reduce the risk of fungal infections.

2. Opt for Cotton Clothes: Wearing cotton clothes instead of synthetic materials helps keep your skin dry and less susceptible to fungal growth.

3. Avoid Sharing Personal Items: Sharing clothing, bedding, sheets, and even utensils can be a quick way to transmit fungal skin infections through direct contact. It's always best to keep these items personal.

4. Embrace Anti-fungal Powder: Especially in hot, humid climates or if you often find yourself in wet areas due to sports or work, anti-fungal powder can be a lifesaver. Regular use helps prevent fungal infections from taking hold.

5. Say No to Tight and Thick Clothing: In particular, avoid tight-fitting, thick clothing made of synthetic materials, especially if you're prone to sweating. Such conditions create an environment where fungi thrive.

6. Maintain Hygienic Common Spaces: Areas that are regularly wet and frequented by many should always be kept clean and hygienic. This prevents the spread of fungal infections.

7. Skip Vaginal Douches and Perfumed Deodorants: These products may disrupt the delicate 'bacteria balance' in your body, leaving you more vulnerable to fungal infections.

8. Hygiene After Outdoor Activities: After working in gardens, farms, or outdoor camping, where you're directly exposed to soil, be sure to wash and clean your hands and legs thoroughly. This helps remove any potential fungal spores.

9. Pet Caution: Be aware that some fungal infections can be spread from infected animals and pets, like dogs and cats, to humans. If your pets show signs of bald skin patches, consult a veterinarian.

10. Stress Reduction: Chronic stress, whether at home, school, or work, can weaken your body's defenses against infections. Reducing stress is crucial for your overall health, including protection against fungal infections.

11. Foot Hygiene: Ensure you wash your feet with soap and water daily and dry them thoroughly, paying extra attention to the spaces between your toes.

12. Proper Laundry Hygiene: Wash your socks, bedding, and towels in hot water (140°F or 60°C) or higher to eliminate any fungal spores that may be present.

13. Daily Antifungal Powder: Applying antifungal powder to your feet every day is an excellent preventive measure against fungal infections.

By adopting these preventive measures into your daily routine, you can significantly reduce the risk of fungal infections. Stay informed and vigilant, and your skin, hair, and nails will thank you for it. Remember, staying safe from fungal infections is all about smart, simple habits.

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